Chapter 319

Medford Oregon

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(Please do not “tailgate.”   Wait for the gate to close.)

  1. Enter 301 on keypad.
  2. Press “CALL” button
  3. Listen for "Gate Opening!" after Clubhouse keys (4)

NOTE: "EXIT GATE" will open as you approach it.


For assistance call Sam Russell's cell  541-816-0637.




Using I-5, take the south Medford exit, No. 27.

From the North: The off ramp includes two left-turning lanes crossing up over the interstate.
Stay in the right most left-turning lane. This positions one to take the right-turn lane for Barnett Ave going East.

From the South: The off ramp right-most lane turns directly to the right-turn lane for Barnett Ave. going East.

Take East-bound Barnett to the corner KEY BANK and turn right onto Black Oak Drive.
Travel just past St Mary's School parking lot, turning right onto Sun Oaks Drive.
Proceed through the open Sun Oaks gate to the Clubhouse on the right and the parking lot on the left.

If the gate is closed, use the posted "after-7:00 P.M." procedure displayed next to the kiosk keypad.

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