Chapter 319

Medford Oregon

Alan’s Vision EX

I have worked hard to keep focused on building my Vision EX. As I previously built a Varieze, I was enjoying flying it, but the urge to build bit me again. In 2012, I sold the Varieze as not a practical plane for Southern Oregon. I wanted soft field capabilities and side-by-side seating. As kits are a lot of cash up front, I found another plans built composite that excited me. The Pro-Composite’s Vision can be built with several options and I decided on the moderately ranged tricycle gear model known as the Vision EX.

ALWing 300x225I started with the seat on 5-1-2012, which is what the plans say to start with. I parted with the plans in building solid core wings and adding winglets. If I was going to do it over, I would have stayed with the hollow wings.

An interesting concept in “boat building”, Fold-a-plane:

From this…vacuum bagging of panels.
ALvacbagpanel1 300x225
Panels put together…
ALvacbagpanel2 300x225
To this.
ALphoto1 300x225
Post-curing, in the Southern OR Sun:
ALphoto2 400x300
By 9-10-2012, ending the first build season, I had something looking very aeronautical:
ALphoto3 400x300
2013: Turtle deck, Canopy, Foredeck inside the shop on “rotisserie”
 ALphoto4 300x225  ALphoto5 300x224
2014: Center Wing Section and Wings. The project was moved outside.
ALphoto6 300x225   ALphoto7 300x225
“My” invention, Fold-A-Cowl:  
 ALphoto8 300x225  ALphoto9 225x300
No bugs invited, painting outside:  
ALphoto10 300x225   ALphoto11 300x225

As I had a steep learning curve in getting my Continental 0-200 operational in the Varieze, I looked into the Corvair aero conversion as a new power source. Getting and reading the manual and all the great stuff on educated me and convinced me I can assemble a reliable engine. I went to a Corvair College to see things as they are done.

I kept a close eye on purchases. Do not think that building a Corvair aero engine saves one much over a used Continental or Lycoming as the value has its cost. But there is a great satisfaction in building one’s own engine and realizing that it’s nearly entirely new. I also gained the knowledge to service it and to keep it running. The crank, case, and heads are from the 1965 110hp core, and they were reworked by experts with aviation in mind.

How the accessories transform the engine from road to flying have been worked out by men with safety foremost in mind over the last 40 years. Science, experience, and experimentation backed all decisions and I followed their formula rather than re-inventing the wheel. Another Corvair College came about and I was able to close and have the expert start my engine.

Dry setting the 12 lifters...
ALphoto12 300x225 
 Engine run at 1700 rpm for 40 minutes. Smooth!
ALphoto13 300x225
 Travel to the airport -- Hanger T1:
ALphoto17 300x225
ALphoto14 300x225
ALphoto15 300x225 ALphoto16 300x225
N401EX certified 8-18-2017, after1760 hours, the end of the beginning...

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